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Welcome to our new website!!

Welcome to our new website!
FISD's website has a new look!
As you can see, FISD has a new website. We are still "under construction" in some areas, but hope to provide you with all the information you need to begin the school year. We will continue to give you updates on the great things going on at all of our campuses. We are hoping this will be a user friendly site that saves you time! If you can't find something you are used to seeing, feel free to contact us via email or phone!
While much of the content and organization of the site remains unchanged, there are a few new elements to explore. See below for a quick overview of the changes.
Upcoming Events Calendar
This calendar will contain the district-level general events we usually feature on the home page but in a new calendar format.
We've re-vamped the way we are handling news and announcements. The new design features news stories with thumbnail images. If you missed a story, they will be archived so you never miss out on information.
Video Gallery
This is where we will post videos of our students and teachers doing great things.
Technical Stuff
A large part of the site's new features are behind the scenes. We believe this new site will create a better experience for our site visitors.