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A Hope for Christmas

A Hope for Christmas
By: William Weller
• To help provide comfort and joy during the holidays to families in need.
• Every teacher will have a box in the classroom.
• Throughout the duration of this event they will encourage the students to bring in items, in which that of a needy family would need.
• I will pick these items up from the teachers, and store them in the conference room until they can be delivered.
• Items I will look for is Toiletry, blankets and clothing.
• All items must be in good shape, and all clothing items and blankets, must be either new, or in good shape and washed thoroughly.
• To bring in at least 2,000 items for the needy families for the Christmas holiday.
• To help strengthen the ties and bond of the local community, by helping others in need.
• To help others learn the importance of giving.
This event shall last in duration from, December 3, 2012 to December 15, 2012
Thanks for your Support,
William Weller