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Recently, FHS ROTC hosted four Astronomers from the San Antonio Astronomical Association.  The daytime and evening viewing of the celestial sphere through high powered telescopes gave over 50 cadets a chance to put their ROTC academic studies in Astronomy to work.  Parents and siblings of the cadets also took part.  Daytime viewing included the sun and its sunspots.  All were then treated to impressive night time viewing of the moon, Jupiter and its Galilean moons, Venus, and Mars.  As night progressed, Sirius, the comet Lovejoy, Big Dipper, Gemini, Cancer and Orion were enjoyed by all.  Associated nebulas and various binary star systems were spectacular, such as Polaris, the North Star.  To learn more about the FHS ROTC program go to YouTube and search on Floresville AFJROTC or visit www.fisd.us.