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Co-op Italian Dinner Rescheduled for 12-6-15

The FHS Italian Co-op plate sale that was scheduled for Sunday, November 15 has been moved to Sunday, December 6th. The times and location are the same, which will be the back of the culinary arts area from 11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.. Pre-Sale tickets are available through any coop student or Mrs. Rogers.
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No Early Release for FHS Students on November 11

To make up for the lost instructional days, the early release day previously scheduled for November 11th has been changed to a full day for FHS STUDENTS ONLY. All other FISD campuses will follow the early release schedule. FHS students will be dismissed at 4:05 on Wednesday, November 11th.
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Today, after meeting with the engineers and the catastrophe management team, we learned we will also have to suspend operations at Floresville High School in the ROTC/Technology building. Unfortunately, this is a building we had planned on using when students return. In addition, we do not have enough time to logistically receive and set up the needed supplies and furniture to have the campus ready for students by this Friday. It is for these reasons that we estimate classes will resume at FHS for a half day on Monday, November 9th. Student report time will be 8:30 am and buses will run on normal schedule in the morning. All students will report to the FHS Competition Gym where a grab and go breakfast will be made available. Release time for FHS students will be at 12:30 pm; a grab and go lunch will be provided and buses will run at that time. Students may only park in front of the FHS Competition Gym closest to the fence next to Hwy 97. Student pick-up and drop-off will be at the FHS Competition Gym with entry and exit off of Hwy. 97.

The FHS main office and counseling center are now located in portables in the parking lot in front of the practice gym. Visitor parking is in the same parking lot but in front of the band hall.

We have confirmed with the Texas Education Agency that, as of today, knowing that FHS students will return next Monday, we WILL NOT have to make-up any of the days missed. A major factor in not having to make up the six days is that in the last legislative session, House Bill 2610 changed the requirement for student attendance from instructional days to instructional minutes. Floresville Middle School, Floresville South Elementary and Floresville North Elementary will also be exempt from making up the day missed on Friday, October 30.
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SAT Moved to Floresville Middle School

The SAT that was to be held on Saturday, November 7 at Floresville High School will be held at Floresville Middle School. Students should report to the main entrance of Floresville Middle School by 7:45am. Check-in begins at 8am. Remember to bring your admission ticket, photo id and calculator.
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Message from Dr. Bays, November 2: Report Day for FHS Students, Friday, Nov. 6

As the assessments of damage to Floresville High School begin to come in, I would like to share our recovery plan as it stands at this point.

Structural engineers began assessing the campus on Saturday, October 31st. After the initial assessment, engineers determined that both buildings had sufficient damage to warrant moving all operations out of the 100, 200, 300, 400 wings as well as the administrative offices, library and theater building. Repairs to the 100 and 200 wings and the administrative offices are estimated to be completed in approximately three weeks. There has not been a timeline determined for completion of repairs to the 300 and 400 wings. Engineers will be back on campus this week to continue assessing damage. Until these assessments have been completed, we cannot provide an accurate timeline or cost estimate for all repairs.

Currently, Floresville High School, the FISD Administration Building and the FISD Transportation Department do not have full network capabilities, making the telephone system at those locations inoperable. The main phone number for FISD Administration is working and calls are being routed to an alternate location and will be relayed via radio and cell phones appropriately. Crews are working diligently to repair damage to the fiber-optic network but, at this time, we are unable to predict a completion date.

Our most immediate concern is making sure that FHS students have a safe and appropriate place to receive instruction. Displaced classrooms will be temporarily relocated to the 800 wing, the practice gyms, the Tigers Den, and band hall. This week, the district will be moving portables into the parking lot in front of the practice gyms to house the administrative offices. This parking lot will also be used for parent and visitor parking.

FHS teachers will report to work on Tuesday, November 3, to begin planning instruction in their new spaces. After an update this morning from our catastrophe management firm, the earliest time students could return to school is Friday, November 6th with a release time of 12:30 p.m. FHS staff will share recovery plans and students will walk-through an abbreviated version of their class schedule to become familiar with new locations. We will provide more specific details about students’ return later in the week.

Beginning Monday, FMS and FSE bus exit, will be diverted to Highway 97 due to the inoperable traffic signal on Hwy 181. The FISD Police Department and local law enforcement will be utilized to direct and control traffic in those areas.

It is important to FISD that accurate information is provided to our students, parents and community. We will use the FISD website as well as social media to disseminate this information. Please use these resources when sharing information. For all other inquiries, contact Kim Cathey, FISD Communications Specialist.

I would like to thank the community of Floresville for their support during the clean up efforts and as we move forward with recovery. The outpouring of assistance and concern has been overwhelming. FISD and FHS have many challenges in the days and months ahead but I believe that with the continued support of our community and the dedicated leadership of the Board of Trustees and Floresville High School staff we are prepared to meet those challenges. We would ask for your continued prayers and patience as we make important decisions for the future of our district and the continued success of our students.
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Dual Credit and Alamo College Student Information

FHS students that are taking online dual credit courses should continue to work from home. If you don’t internet access at home, you can go to the FMS library. You will need to check in at the FMS front office prior to going to the library.

Students who attend classes at Alamo Colleges: The bus will leave at the normal time on Monday, November 2, from the North Campus Gym (Competition Gym).
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FHS Students Report to Classes Thursday, November 5

After meeting with engineers today, we learned that repairs will need to be made, not only to the 300 and 400 wings, but also to the library, theatre arts building, and the 100 and 200 wings before students can return. With this new information, we are now creating a plan to use every available space in the 800 wing, band hall, Tigers Den and practice gyms to temporarily hold classes for what we hope will be a two week time period, until the repairs can be made.

At this time, considering the logistics of organizing the temporary move, we are currently predicting that all FHS staff will be asked to return to work on Wednesday and students will return on Thursday. I apologize for any inconvenience but please know it is the result of making the safety of our students and staff a top priority. Engineers will continue to assess damages, which could result in revision to our timelines. Thank you for your patience.

Sherri Bays
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No Classes Monday, November 2nd

There will be no school for FHS students on Monday, November 2. This will allow FISD staff to relocate classrooms from the 400 wing. At this time, we do plan for all other campuses to be open.
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