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Class Dues

It's time to start paying your class dues. Dues paid before the end of the first semester are $25. After that, they go up to $35 so pay your dues now!!
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Free After School Meals for All Students

Feeling hungry after a full day of learning? Did you know that Floresville High School serves delicious meals in the cafeteria every day, right after the last bell rings – totally free for all students? Starting Monday, September 14th, students can head to the Coffee Cafe before leaving school or on their way to their next activity. They’ll get the healthy food they need to power their afternoon hours and come back ready to learn the next day.
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Be Aware of Handicap Parking Spaces

Please make sure you are not parking in handicap spaces or the spots between the handicapped spaces before and after school and during afternoon extracurricular activities. These areas are clearly marked with white boxes and slanted lines and for people in wheel chairs that need extra space getting in and out of their vehicles.
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