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Compacts for Excellence

Floresville High School takes pride in our commitment to fostering both intellectual and moral excellence in our students. A central part of our commitment to character are our Compacts for Excellence – developed by staff and students in August. The compacts have two purposes: (1) Helping students to do their best work, and (2) Treating everyone with respect and care.

To help us achieve these goals, the staff and students have each worked together to develop the following expectations, which make up our Compacts for Excellence.

FHS students pledge to treat one another and their teachers with Respect and care and to do their best work!


Support one another with encouraging words and actions - stay positive

Treat others with the same respect and kindness that they would want in return - remember that you get back what you give

Listen to one another

See others’ differences as unique - show tolerance

Accept responsibility for our actions, and apologize when we are wrong

Use technology to enhance assignments or projects

Be on time and prepared for classes as well be an active participant

Set goals and give our best effort

Encourage student independence and RESPONSIBILITY

Communicate with teachers and ask for help if needed

Have fun while learning

FHS staff members pledge to treat ALL students with Respect and care and to help them do their best work!


Accentuate the positive

Believe all students have specific strengths

Communicate positively with students

Consistently deal with every situation and consider all of the facts

Encourage all students by treating them like they CAN

Listen to students and honor their need to be heard

Make learning relevant by using real-world applications

Treat every student with respect

Model the character we want students to develop and demonstrate

Support and encourage positive relationships with parents

Support our students’ career aspirations and promote strong work-ethic