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FHS Cadets Win Drone Competition!

Press Release

Date:  October 24, 2016


"FHS Cadets Win Drone Competition!"
After hours of dedicated training, the FHS ROTC drone teams competed recently at the first ever Air Force Junior ROTC drone meet winning 1st and 2nd places and the overall Grand Championship at Judson High School.  Despite strong winds, both teams performed masterfully on a challenging obstacle course.  They accomplished 360 degree maneuvers while also demonstrating proficiency using the photo and video systems of the drone.  Finishing in 4 minutes and 11 seconds the team of cadets Joshua Ibrom and Lucas Jurgajtis finished first.  The team of cadets Zoe Martinez and Tyler Snyder finished second with a combined time of 4 minutes and 28 seconds.  The best drone landing award went to Zoe Martinez.  Best overall drone pilot with the lowest individual time was Tyler Snyder.  The event was also an exhibition for the other 15 schools present at the rocket meet, to spur future interest in ROTC drone competitions.  Congratulations FHS ROTC drone pilots for leading the way in Air Force Junior ROTC!​
1.  Cadet drone pilots (l-r) Jesse Rodriguez, Tyler Snyder and Lucas Jurgajtis display the ROTC unit Phantom 2 Plus drone.
Photo credit Jack Braden Photography.
2.  Pilot cadet Zoe Martinez flying the Air Force provided Phantom 2 Plus drone.
3.  Pilot Joshua Ibrom before flying the Phantom 2 Plus drone.
4.  Cadet Lucas Jurgajtis discusses a flight maneuver with cadet Zoe Martinez at the meet.​​