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FHS ROTC Cadets Take Top Honors at Cadet Leadership Course!

Press Release
Date:  Monday, June 12 2017
"Cadets Take Top Honors at Leadership School"
FHS ROTC cadets took many of the "top honors" at the Schreiner University Cadet Leadership Course, Kerrville, Texas.  The demanding week long challenge was completed by all 20 cadets, the most ever for FHS ROTC.  The camp included the basic Falcon course and the advanced Eagle Horizon course.  From among over 350 cadets,"Best of the Best" honors included distinguished graduate (Charles Zwies), honor flight members (Zoe Martinez, Richard Spencer, Caleb Blackstock, Kaitlin Alaniz), top performers (Zoe Martinez, Jocelyn Spear, Jacob Witt), top female PT cadet (Zoe Martinez).  Kaitlin Jowers held one of the Top 4 positions as the first ever FHS ROTC Cadet Training Officer (CTO) squadron commander while Yissel Moreno was a CTO flight commander.  Congratulations cadets as you prepare to lead FHS ROTC for the 2017-2018 school year!
Photo #1:  FHS ROTC Leadership School Graduates. 12.17.56
Photo #2:  Cadet Zoe Martinez, Eagle Horizon Top Performer, Honor Flight Member, and Top Female PT Cadet.  10.43.36
Photo #3:  Cadet Charles Zwies, Falcon Camp Distinguished Graduate.  08.41.27
Photos #4 and #5:  Cadets Jacob Witt and Jocelyn Spear, Falcon Camp Top Performers. 08.42.33 and 08.48.28
Photo #6 and #7:  CTOs Yissel Moreno and Kaitlin Jowers.  08.43.59 and 08.45.55