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Air Force JROTC » FHS Cadets Present at National Expo.

FHS Cadets Present at National Expo.

Press Release
Date:  June 29, 2018


“FHS Cadets Present at National Expo”


Recently, two FHS ROTC cadets, Jocelyn Spear and Faith Gaudlitz, were selected by the HQs Air Force Junior ROTC (AFJROTC) program to present at an Expo for over 200 new instructors attending their initial certification course, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.   The unit’s expertise in rocketry and drone STEM programs led to their selection by the Air Force.  New FHS ROTC Aerospace Science Instructor (ASI), SMSgt Esteban Martinez, was attending the course and helped host the cadets and their expo displays.  Cadet Spear discussed how STEM application of Newton’s three laws of motion and the scientific concept Occam’s Razor led to winning solutions during rocket competitions.  Cadet Gaudlitz discussed how the unit’s drone safety and training programs resulted in success during both practice and competition flying.  Both cadets are members of the AFJROTC Kitty Hawk Air Society and graduates of the Schreiner University Cadet Leadership Course.  For their outstanding presentations, both cadets earned on the spot promotions presented by the Region 3 Director, Major Don Bailey, US Air Force retired and their ASI, SMSgt Martinez.


Photo #1:  Cadet Gaudlitz (left) and Cadet Spear (right) complete setup of their displays at the Expo.


Photo #2:  Cadet Gaudlitz answers questions during the Expo before flawlessly flying the DJI Spark drone.


Photo #3:  Cadet Spear demonstrates proper use of the rocket launch pad to several Expo attendees.


Photo#4:  Cadets Gaudlitz (left) and Spear (right) during recognition promotion by Major Bailey (left) and SMSgt Martinez (right).