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  • Welcome to my UIL Social Studies page.   This year's Texas UIL Social Studies topic is "In the Shadow of the Red Bear: Russia and the former Soviet Union"
  • The primary reading material is Lenin’s Tomb: The Last Days of the Soviet Empire, by David Remnick Vintage Books; (1994) ISBN# 978-0679751250.  This paperback book can be purchased online for only about $5.00 since it was published in the 90s.
  • In addition to reading and really studying Lenin's Tomb, students are expected to become familiar with the nations that composed the Soviet Union: • Armenia • Azerbaijan • Belarus • Estonia • Georgia • Kazakhstan • Kyrgyzstan • Latvia • Lithuania • Moldova • Russia • Tajikistan • Turkmenistan • Ukraine • Uzbekistan
  • To be competitive and win at the district level and represent FHS well at our Regional Meet in April, students need to also know the following people and terms very well:
Valdas Adamkus     Ilham Aliyev     Yuri Andropov     Almazbek Atambayev     Lavrentii Beria     Leonid Brezhnev      Nikolai Bukharin Konstantin Chernenko     Viktor Chernomydrin      Fedor Dostoevskii      Alexander Dubcek       Yuri Gagarin        Yegor Gaidar
Mikhail Gorbachev      Raisa Gorbachev       Maxim Gorky       Islam A. Karimov        Mikhail Khodorkovsky       Nikita Khrushchev
Sergei Kirov       Lavr Kornilov       Aleksei Kosygin        Vladimir Kruchov         Vladimir Lenin        Egor Ligachev
Alexander Litvinenko        Alyaksandr Lukashenka        Georgii Malenkov         Giorgi Margvelashvili        Aslan Maskhadov
Viacheslav Molotov        Vladimir Nabokov        Nursultan A. Nazarbayev       Boris Nemtsov        Saparmurat Niyazov
George Orwell         Boris Pasternak         Petro Poroshenko         Boris Pugo        Alexander Pushkin        Vladimir Putin
Imomali Rakhmonov        Aleksei Rykov        Nikolai Ryzhkov      Serzh Sarkisyan       Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn       Josef Stalin
Petr Stolypin       Laimdota Straujuma       Leon Trotsky       Vladimir Voronin       Lech Walesa       Aleksandr Yakovlev
Gennadii Yanaev      Viktor Yanukovich      Boris Yeltsin        Andrei Zhdanov       Grigorii Zinoviev
Afghanistan (Soviet invasion of)       Agitprop      Anti-cosmopolitanism campaign       Anti-semitism       August coup (1991) Apparatchik   Baltic Republics       Basmachi Rebellion       Berlin Wall       Bolshevik Party       Bourgeoisie      Treaty of Brest-Litovsk      Chechen War   Cyrillic       Second Chechen War        Chernobyl         Cold War      Collectivization       Comintern Commissar       Communism     Communist Manifesto       Communist Party      Comrade       Congress of People’s Deputies     Coup d’etat      Cossacks         Crimea
Cuban Missile Crisis       Czar bomb       Soviet Constitution       Crimean Tartars     Dacha       Defect       De-Stalinization
Dissent/Dissenter       Doctor’s plot        Doctor Zhivago       Duma       Five-year plans    “Former people”      General secretary
Genoa Conference      Glasnost       Gorky Park       Great Patriotic War      Gulag     Hungarian Revolution (1956)        Indigenization      
Industrialization       Intelligentsia        KAL flight 007      Katyn Forest massacre     Karakum Canal      KGB        Khrushchev’s Secret
Speech       Komosol        Kremlin        Kulaks      Marxism        Memorial Society     Mensheviks         Molotov-Rippentrop Pact      
Mujahidin         New Economic Policy       NKVD        Nomenklatura     October Revolution        Oligarchs         Perestroika
Personality cult         Petrograd          Soviet Pioneer Organization     Pogroms       Politburo          Pravda       Proletariat (and dictatorship of)        Propaganda     The Protocols of the Elders of Zion     Purge       The Great Purge        Red Army        Red Terror       Rehabilitation RSFSR        Russian Orthodox Russian Revolution     Russification        Samizdat        Scissors Crisis      September coup (1993)
Serf       Siberia       Solidarity       Sputnik        Stalingrad       Supreme Soviet       Tartars       Soviet Thaw       Totalitarianism       Twentieth Party Congress (1956)     U.S.S.R       Volga        Volga Germans       Warsaw Pact       Warsaw Uprising        White Russians (Army)          Zionism
  • Students from Grade 9 through Grade 12 are welcome to participate in this year's social studies competition.  If you take the time to prepare and would like to compete, please send me an email from your school Gmail account.   I will invite you to access additional review content located on our school's Google Drive.   If you review the slides that I have before reading the book and trying to teach yourself, you'll find the book makes much more since and will be much more interesting.   If you would rather study on your own and then later decide to view my slides, that's fine too.  Just send me your Gmail account address and I'll be glad to give you permission to view material that I've put together to help you further understand about the Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union.
  • Our first Practice Test will be held the week following Thanksgiving Break.  If you would like to be considered as an FHS Social Studies Competitor, please drop by my room (Room 218) before or after school during any morning during the week of November 27th to take the practice test.  Due to the extremely interesting content this year, I anticipate fielding a Varsity and Junior Varsity Team this year. 
  • Our first official meet is usually at Poth on the third or fourth Friday of January.    We normally have 2-3 additional official practice academic meets during the months of February and March.  Once we finalize this year's practice meets, I'll post the dates and locations on this page. Our District Meet will be at McCollum High School on Saturday, March 24th.    The Regional Meet will be held at the University of Texas, San Antonio either the first or second Saturday in April.  
  •   Should you have any questions, please drop by my room (Room 218) or send me an email:  jlebouff@fisd.us
- Mr. LeBouff