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Dr. Norbert Freckmann » Pre-AP Pre-Calculus

Pre-AP Pre-Calculus

Topic Outline for Pre-AP Pre-Calculus:
Unit 01: Graphs, Attributes and Applications of Functions
Unit 02: Compositions, and Inverses of Functions
Unit 03: Polynomial and Power Functions, Equations and Inequalities
Unit 04: Rational Functions, Equations and Inequalities
Unit 05: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Unit 06: Sequences, Series and Binomial Expansion
Unit 07: Problem Solving with Trigonometric Ratios
Unit 08: Trigonometric Functions
Unit 09: Trigonometric Equations and Identities
Unit 10: Vectors
Unit 11: Parametric Equations
Unit 12: Polar Equations
Unit 13: Conics
(chunked by the 4 9-weeks)