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Dr. Norbert Freckmann » Behavior Expectations

Behavior Expectations

Be prompt.     Be prepared.     Be polite.     Be positive.
Classroom Behavior Expectations for AP Calculus and PAP Pre-Calculus:
  • Students will come to class in dress code and on time.
  • Students will arrive prepared with all necessary materials.
  • Students will raise their hand to get the teacher's attention.
  • Students will respect other students as well as everyone's property.
Consequences when Classroom Behavior Expectations are not met:
  • In-class reminder
  • Private discussion about the inappropriate behavior
  • Loss of classroom privileges / or teacher-assigned consequence
  • Teacher-assigned lunch detention
  • Phone call or letter/email to parent/guardian
  • Behavior report / office referral
  • Severe clause for major disruptions: immediate office referral